Listed within the category of Non-govt company, Protect Corporate Management Private Limited was incorporated about 25 Sept. 2010 2019. It is registration specifics are available in the Registrar of Companies (ROC) of Delhi. Its authorized office talk about is Saket Nagar, Delhi. This business provides asking services to various organizations. It really is registered while using the ROC underneath the registration number 82777. As well as the above information, the company as well provides other sorts of services.

The corporation was listed in the year 2019 and is energetic. It has three or more directors. It is classified mainly because Company limited by shares. It has 3 Productive Directors as well as Partners. The corporation was designed under the corporations Act, 2013 (under the name of SGMS), the firms Act, 1956, and the Tax Act. Their directors incorporate CHITRA BORA, AMIT T. S. Agarwal, V. K. Singh, M. P. C., and S. P. V. KUMAR.

Advanced degrees are also available for corporate reliability managers. At the Tulane University of Professional Advancement, Learn of Professional Studies certifications in Cybersecurity Management, Security Management, and Information Technology Operations are available. Interested working adults can learn about the SoPA method by completing the web type. After completing the shape, you are consenting to receive information relating to its applications. You can also leave at any time. Protect Corporate Managing Private Limited is a leading firm engaged in identical industries and business actions.

The importance of information security can not be overstated. Actually information protection is essential to the continuity of your company’s organization. Companies generate losses due to protection breaches. With this in mind, the MSc job I composed on the subject explored the role of corporate facts security managers. The study collected data through telephone interviews and post questionnaires. We found the fact that lack of awareness with the importance of facts security and the importance of preserving it is a key hurdle. The results of your study advise a need to improve business information security management in the united kingdom.